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clearFusionCMS Updates

clearFusionCMS 2014 - The Present & Future

31 Dec 2014

From customized add-ons to integrated add-ons, the modular capacity of clearFusionCMS enabled us to be able to answer the call to each client requirement.

clearFusionCMS & Shop Updates & Module Upgrades

19 Nov 2014

The Elves have been hard at work and have now incorporated a lot of these customisations into our next release of clearFusionCMS and the Shop.

clearFusionCMS & Module Updates

09 Nov 2014

We have been a bit quiet and that is because the Elves have been hard at work on the next version of clearFusionCMS and upgrading and improving the modules.

clearFusionCMS localizes both its internal strings & text

22 Apr 2014

clearFusionCMS has the ability to localize both its internal strings and the text that it manages

clearFusionCMS 1.4.0 & clearFusionSHOP 1.2.0

06 Jan 2014

clearFusionCMS 1.4.0 and clearFusionSHOP 1.2.0 have now been released and are available from our website. If you currently have a valid licence you can download the latest versions from via …

Comment module for clearFusionCMS

03 Dec 2013

With our new comment module for clearFusionCMS we can allow users to comment and optionally rate any piece of content within the CMS.

Development towards 1.4 of clearFusionCMS

21 Aug 2013

Refining the internal search engine and developing new techniques, under high loads we're seeing up to 100x the performance over the current builds.

clearFusionCMS 1.3.0

23 Jul 2013

With these updates of clearFusionCMS and it's eCommerce modules we're also releasing updates to the other modules so that they can make full use of the new features. 1.3.0 changes …

Search via API

22 Jul 2013

As of clearFusionCMS 1.3.0 we expose an API, one of the features of the API is that you can perform searches on remote installs of the CMS. The following snippet …

clearFusionCMS & Zendesk

27 Jun 2013

Are you using clearFusionCMS for your website and Zendesk as your help desk? Then enable single sign-on in zendesk and have clearFusionCMS authenticate your members

The next release of clearFusionCMS

25 Jun 2013

The focus of this release is about allowing satellite installations of clearFusionCMS to be able to authenticate against a central master thus simplifying user management.

Code Editor addition

29 Apr 2013

Addition of a code editor into version 1.2 of clearFusionCMS, works with CSS, JS, HTML & PHP

AJAX Enhancement

18 Jan 2013

The template engine received a slight performance boost as if it wasn't fast enough already ... this and other enhancements will be rolling out at clearFusionCMS 1.2.0.

clearFusionCMS 1.1.0 RC 1

05 Dec 2012

Release candidate 1 of clearFusionCMS version 1.1.0 is now available for download, this marks the first public release of clearFusionCMS which to this point has only been available to design …

Multiple Site Support

20 Nov 2012

Maybe you want to create a retail site and a trade site? clearFusionCMS makes it easy to support multiple sites from one installation. Just point your domain names at the …

clearFusionCMS Version 1.1.0

16 Nov 2012

The full release of clearFusionCMS version 1.1.0 is now available for download, this marks the first public release of clearFusionCMS which to this point has only been available to design …

Increase the speed of feeds onto your website

06 Nov 2012

Tip: Don't slow your site down waiting for feeds to load. Instead make clearFusionCMS do the work behind the scenes and use a background task to read the feed. Dynamic …

clearFusionCMS V1.1.0 release candidate 1

05 Nov 2012

clearFusionCMS V1.1.0 release candidate 1 is now available for download