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We're here to help you build your website, so we've provided a few answers to questions you may be asking.

 As we upgrade our software, you may find changes to the layout.  If you can't find an answer to your query here, then drop us a line Contact Us.

You will find various tools in the CMS, so we'll attempt to define them all here.


The tool palette and tree of documents in the system, the tools from left to right are:

  • New Document – Creates a new document.
  • New Link – Creates a document which is a link to another location, on accessing this document the browser is redirected.
  • New Static Resource – Creates a resource which links to a public or private file, with the correct access permissions and link to private files this could be used to only grant access to certain files to logged in users.
  • Move Down – Changes the document order by moving the selected document below the document immediately beneath it.
  • Move Up – Changes the document order by moving the selected document above the document immediately above it.
  • Move – Move the selected document to another location within the document tree.



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