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Time to Ditch your CMS for clearFusionCMS?

Time to Ditch your CMS for clearFusionCMS?

22 Apr 2014

Was reading 5 Signs That It May Be Time To Ditch Your CMS and looking at how it mapped onto clearFusionCMS and clearFusionSHOP.

  1. We use the same manager and content for both desktop, mobile and any device in between, this was a design decision made when we started building clearFusionCMS. When designing clearFusionCMS we wanted to build a system that empowered users to be able to manage their own content without spending hours and hours learning.
  2. For our e-commerce software we define the image sizes at design time, then a user can simply upload the product images that they wish to use and leave the CMS to the task of fitting the images to the design, of course we don't stop the user uploading specificly customised images if they so choose.
  3. Our blog module can grab an image direct from a source on the internet or off your computer and then on the fly resize the image to fit within the site design. The WYSIWYG editor allows you to get on with publishing the story and not fighting the system. How fast you can publish a story is usually dependent on how fast you can type it.
  4. We don't hide any of the code with clearFusionCMS Pro, your licence provide you access to all the source code so that you can see what is happening, of course we are also there to support you and resolve any bugs that might be found.
  5. We have a simple licencing system. If you don't need the source code you can "spin up" a new brochure site for free. If you want e-commerce and all the source we offer a simple low cost licence which provides all that and upgrades for 12 months. You choose what you need to complete your project and buy just the items you need. It's online and automated so there's no waiting for humans to process your orders.
  6. If there's something you want to see in clearFusionCMS then we are quite approachable and listen to our customers, your feedback drives our development.

clearFusionCMS is also responsive software,
so great for use on mobile devices!

TRY clearFusionCMS now!


Paul Arlott - Software Developer
Worked in the human factors department at British Aerospace creating virtual prototypes of systems using only C/C++ and GL/OpenGL. Created his own PHP / MySQL framework to promote code reuse. Created his own Content Management System (CMS) so that he could offer clients a stable and fast platform with a clear upgrade path.



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