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Yes, clearFusionCMS supports extensionless URLs

We've been asked this a few times by search engine marketers and others, can clearFusionCMS create URLs that don't end in an extension e.g. the answer is yes it can!

We know different people have different preferences so we let you the site builder choose the extension, it's perfectly possible to have all your pages end .php, .html or even .asp you just have to decide what you want.

Changing the extension per document

For existing documents you need to edit the document and from the Content Type drop down select the content type you require this also affects the extension on the URL.

To remove the extension select HTML No Extension, it's a predefined content type which allows extensionless URLs.

Setting the default

The default extension to use for new document is set under Settings > clearFusionCMS > Content Editing, in the Default Content Type drop down select HTML No Extension and new documents will be created without an extension.

Define your own extension

Select Content Types from the Dashboard and you'll get a list of all the content types and their extensions defined within the system.

To add a new extension of .cms:

  1. Put .cms in the New Type Name field.
  2. Put text/html in the New Mime Type field.
  3. Put cms in the New File Extension field.
  4. Choose if the output should be compressed before sending to the browser, in this case leave it checked.
  5. Click Add Content Type.

That's all there is to it, you can now select and use your extension for documents i.e. they will become