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A Members Area In 3 Steps

Creating a members only area in clearFusionCMS is easier than you might think. clearFusionCMS ships with a members module that along with it's built in user management and security model does all the work for you.

Step 1 - Create a new page which will become the login page for the members area and within the content area place the members login snippet:

[[!members.login &onLoggedIn=`209`]]

You need to replace 209 with the ID of the page users will be sent to once they have successfully logged in.

Step 2 - Return to the dashboard and select the Set 403 Page icon, now select the login page that you just created.

Step 3 - The last part is for each document that you want to be members only and in the View Permission drop down select [Logged in Users], save the document. Note: Child documents will inherit the same View Permission restrictions of their parents.

Make sure that you are not logged in and try an access one of the members only pages and you'll be directed to the login page.

The members module provides snippets to allow lost password recovery, profile editing, logout and registration functions.

Members Login