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clearFusionCMS localizes both its internal strings & text

22 Apr 2014

clearFusionCMS has the ability to localize both its internal strings and the text that it manages, however one issue that has faced users is once all documents are localized if you don't speak the language it can be hard to navigate them within the site manager. In the quest to make this ‪#CMS‬ as user friendly as possible we have now included an option to display the document structure using the slug names as opposed to the page titles.

We have also mode it even easier to include your own customizations to the internal strings of clearFusionCMS and its modules.

If you can't wait for the next release and are a current pro user then get in touch and we'll supply you with a development build.

Is there something you want to see in clearFusionCMS, a new feature or an improvement, if so let us know. We are guided by the functionality you require.

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